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Codependency. Trauma. Anxiety/depression. Sobriety Management. life.

Does life feel overwhelming and hopeless, filling you with anxiety?

Do you feel broken and fear you are destined to be a screw-up forever?

Are your relationships a mess?

Are you worried you will continue to hurt the people that love you?

Does it seem like you're not enough and think you can't change?

I want to affirm you that you can change, but you have to keep fighting. What if this could be the one thing that works? Change IS possible… as long as you never give up. I remember how it feels when you think everybody has stopped believing in you, but I believe in you. I believe in you because I was you. My name is Ashley. I'm a certified life coach and I help people just like you who are right on the edge, thinking, "Is this really what I'm here for? I'm constantly anxious, I stay upset, I don't have the relationships that I want; I'm unfulfilled, and I'm not living my purpose." I realize how difficult it can be to rebuild your life and not stay stuck in the past. But I'm here to tell you that I've done exactly that, and you can, too.

What if it's possible to trust yourself again? For people to respect you and see you as the worthwhile person you are? You are strong, you are a warrior, and I know that you are someone of value. When you believe that, anything is possible. Become the type of person who can chase after and get whatever you dream. Live your dreams instead of your fears with Got Grit life coaching.

About Coaching

About Life Coaching

Life Coaching 
VS. Counseling


  • Action Based – While counseling is predominantly focused on discussing thoughts and feelings, life coaching takes a more proactive approach. Through life coaching learn to recognize and honor our feelings while taking tangible action steps to move us beyond the hold our emotions have on us and into a more intentional, purpose-filled life.

  • Future Focused – Many traditional therapy practices focus on analyzing the past and determining how it has formed the present. Though life coaching addresses the past, it is primarily driven by the present and its influence on the future.

  • Strategically Structured – Got Grit Coaching packages utilize a strategic outline designed to help get you “unstuck”; many therapy sessions tend to be less structured and navigated by the client.

  • Partnership – Life coaching creates the opportunity to have someone walk with you on your journey and help keep you accountable. From the highs to the lows, you will always know that you are supported and celebrated!

  • Good Wi-Fi connection

  • Willingness and ability to meet on Zoom (can provide directions upon request)

  • An open mind, a positive attitude, and above all, commitment. We get what we put into life, and I wholeheartedly believe you are WORTH IT!!!


  • All life coaching sessions are 1-on-1

  • Areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:

    • Codependency Issues

    • Boundary Problems

    • Anxiety / Depression

    • Sobriety Management – All types

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