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Detach from the past. Develop your courage. Go after what you TRULY want.

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Meditating in Mountains

--- Free Consultation ---

3 Month Package - Silver

  • 12 Weekly Sessions via Zoom

  • Coaching Only (without online Empowerment School)

3 Month Package - Gold

(Includes Empowerment School)

  • 12 Weekly Sessions via Zoom 

  • Complete Access to the Online Empowerment School 

    • 12 Week comprehensive online program

    • Includes the Rapid Transformation Method, Insan-A-Cycle and more!

4 Pack of Sessions
10% off Single Session Rate

  • Especially suited for tackling one specific issue, or area of life

  • Purchased in advance but can be used as needed

Rapid Transformation Method

  • 2 Hour Intensive

  • The Rapid Transformation Method is a way to make sense of the past, detach from trauma triggers, and reframe your experiences in a way that empowers you to live your life more fully.

Add-on Session

  • Approximately 50 minutes

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VIP Program
Platinum Pkg - 3 Month​s

(Upgrade w/ Additional Access and Empowerment School)

  • 12 Weekly Sessions via Zoom

  • Complete Access to the online Empowerment School

    • 12-Week comprehensive online program

    • Tools, Techniques and Strategies to Break Free:

      • Rapid Transformation Method

      • Insan-A-Cycle

      • Empowerment-Cycle and more!

  • Includes Additional Coaching Opportunities

    • Text Message access

    • Voice Memos

    • Optional daily phone check-ins

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Empowerment School
(Standalone / Add-on)

  • Unlimited Access to Empowerment School

  • 12 Week Comprehensive Online Program

  • Transform Your Pain Into Purpose

  • Learn the 8 different Personality Patterns and identify the “role” you’ve been playing.

  • Includes the Rapid Transformation Method - Heal from the past, and let it go (without personalized coaching help)

  • Create a vision for the life you want and systematically remove any barriers along the way.

  • Eradicate stories of unworthiness and rip them up by the root.

  • Know your true value and get the absolute clarity you need to make the right decisions  for YOU.

  • Live the life you want and develop the relationships you truly deserve.

  • Get rooted in your value and become unshakable.

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