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Realizing that I was the root of all of my troubles was a huge turning point for...

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Realizing that I was the root of all of my troubles was a huge turning point for me. I came to understand that if I created the problems, that meant I also had the power to overcome them. Trying to do an about-face at 30 years old seemed impossible, but I knew nothing but misery lay ahead, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. The storms were definitely rough at times, but when I look back at the accomplishments I've made, I'm so grateful that I had the courage to face them rather than flee.

I think the best thing I did was create a set of rules for myself. If I wanted my life to change, I knew my actions had to be the first step. I set boundaries with those who sought to derail my plans, I made self-care and my sobriety a priority, I stayed away from relationships that would impede my progress toward my goals (no matter how fun), and I took a stand against my codependent behaviors (another primary addiction of mine). As soon as I made those firm resolutions, my entire outlook on life began to shift from one of fear and dread to one of optimism and gratitude. I know all of this can feel daunting, but if you are feeling the pull to change, please reach out to me. No matter what your brain is telling you, you really aren't alone, and I would love to chat about what you are going through.


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