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Eliminate Regret

By Ashley Huckabee


It’s important to live in the moment, but if you don’t also plan for the future, you’ll likely find yourself empty, broken, & filled with regret. When you’re missing a long-term strategy for your life, you’ll inevitably end up conforming to someone else’s blueprint. A design whose aim is to fulfill the needs, wants, & desires not for you, but for the position you hold in THEIR life.

Many people have the bad habit of attempting to dictate the lives of others. But at the end of the day, no one understands what’s best for you, much less what will make you happy or give you a sense of purpose. I’ve had a lot of regrets in my life, but many of the most painful ones came about because I put too much credence in the plans others had for my life & not enough faith in my own inner voice & intuition.

As a result of my low self-esteem, I erroneously believed everyone but me had superior insight into the path I should pursue. As I got older, I began to see how completely irrational this line of reasoning was. I began to wonder why I was following people who always seemed to be driving the bus off the cliff.

So then the question became, "Do I learn to trust myself, or do I continue being guided by society & loved ones with an agenda?" I had an epiphany & the answer became painfully clear. I finally understood regardless of who influenced the decision, I was ultimately the one forced to live with the consequences.

Your life is yours & yours alone. Make your decisions wisely.

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