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Give Willpower a Break

By Ashley Huckabee

Willpower is critically important & can improve every aspect of life. But what happens when you falter? It's really easy to fall into the trap of berating yourself, but this can be extremely detrimental & leave you wondering if you should just give up.

I’ve faced this struggle a lot in my lifetime, most recently with sugar. Many people believe giving up sugar should be easy, but research has shown its effects on the brain are actually quite comparable to that of cocaine. Understanding what I was up against, I did some research & found personality plays an enormous role in habit disruption. For example, some people are “moderators”, whereas I’m what’s referred to as an “abstainer”; meaning for me, it’s easier to give something up if I have 100% abstinence. This created a challenge because I wanted to reduce my sugar intake, but I didn’t want

to give it up totally.

It felt like when I bought sweets, I would spend hours actively battling my cravings. It began to make me feel weak & a little bit crazy. After a while, I accepted how unreasonable all of this was, & realized there had to be a way to give my willpower a break. Utilizing my other addiction,, I was able to find an inexpensive time-released lock. Obsession faded away as soon as the option to snack was eliminated. With the help of this device, I could keep sweets in the house but also remove the need to endlessly battle temptation. As a result, I felt liberated & significantly happier.

Being self-sufficient is important, but never underestimate the value of help. The world is full of

resources if we are creative enough to find them.

Reach out today if you’re tired of going it alone 🤩

For more information, please visit:

Twitter, IG: @GotGritCoaching



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