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Toxic Belief System Buster

Updated: May 13, 2022

The first step in my healing journey was to evaluate my preconceived notions about myself, the world, and the people in it. I was absolutely astounded by how out of alignment everything was. It became evident that, as a child, I had unknowingly absorbed the toxic BS of those around me. I’m speaking, of course, about Belief Systems. These “systems” were in direct contradiction to the ideology I had developed, and I couldn’t help but be consumed with guilt over not questioning them sooner.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs: • I’m a loser • The world is dangerous • I’m weak • People are out to get me

Learning to overcome these negative thought patterns is an essential part of healthy development. Try the method below to eradicate beliefs that are no longer representative of you.

1. Self analysis: • Spend time in reflection and journal any limiting beliefs that come to mind • Frequently check in with yourself and record new insights as they arise

**Be specific**

2. Root out causes: Many of these outlooks are learned from others and are typically at odds with our reasoning as adults. • Examine your past and look for where these patterns developed. • Make note of who might have influenced you

**Awareness is key**

3. Reprogramming: • Write out “empowering opposites” (examples below) • Focus on FACTS, not FEELINGS • Monitor your inner voice and replace negative self-talk with your “opposites”

Examples: • ”I’m unlovable” = “I will find my people, and they will love me just as I am.” • ”I’m a failure” = “Even though I haven’t succeeded yet, I know that with time and dedication I’ll get there!” • ”People always hurt you” = “While it’s true that some people have hurt me in the past, the right ones can be trusted.”

It takes years to develop these patterns of thought; remember to be patient with yourself during the process of undoing. And above all else, never forget that you have the power of choice. YOU determine your perspective. YOU shape your reality. Twitter: @GotGritCoaching FB Page: Instagram - YouTube -

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