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Overthinking Pt. 2 - Banish the Stigma of Overthinking

By Ashley Huckabee

Overthinking has plagued me my entire life. Maybe it’s my ADHD, maybe it’s a trauma response; all I really know is that no matter what I tried, I could never quiet my mind enough. Once I realized I couldn’t satisfactorily silence the noise, I decided to turn the annoyance into an advantage.

Utilizing my knowledge of brain plasticity, I went to work! First, I changed the way I viewed pondering life, then I patiently began training my brain to think differently. Although it takes time to “reprogram” your brain, it’s well worth the effort. Scheduling “Contemplation Time,” a technique wherein you review the day, is a great place to begin.



What I like about this tool is that it gradually shifts thinking away from the subconscious and into a more cognitive state. I find that it’s also a great way to develop your confidence and learn to identify when healthy processing becomes true, destructive overthinking.

I like to do my contemplation time at night, but the specific time of day isn’t nearly as important as consistency. In addition to being consistent, the primary objective is to be tactical. In order to keep yourself from becoming discouraged, it’s vital to make a game plan ahead of time. Using a predetermined list of review questions is an effective way to do this.


• What went well?

• What areas need improvement?

• Are there any situations that warrant immediate action?

--- If so, what are the possible options for a successful resolution?

• Did I stay true to myself and my goals?

• What did I learn?

• Are there additional skills that could be required for my long-term success?

• And most importantly - What am I grateful for? (Fear and depression rarely coexist with genuine gratitude)



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