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Part 3 - Powerless, Biased Police Officers, an Ex Who Knew the System...What Happened?

Feeling utterly powerless, I stood surrounded by cops I didn't trust and my abuser. I could feel every heartbeat coursing through my body, an overwhelming sense of terror gripping me from all sides. After exchanging a few more pleasantries with their former coworker, the officers repeated my account of the night’s events. I began to tremble as derision filled their voices and their faces flushed with suspicion.

Right away, my assailant launched into a tirade detailing all the reasons why I was mentally unstable and therefore not to be trusted. As I explained in my last post, I was unaware at the time that my now ex had a history of not only physical abuse, but also manipulating the police to get away with it. The knowledge gained from his experiences as both a perpetrator and a member of law enforcement enabled him to anticipate the questions they would ask, what evidence they would check, and what declarations would need to be made to cast doubt on my credibility.

As the cops continued their "investigation", I was portrayed as a troubled girl, a raging alcoholic, and someone desperate for attention. I couldn’t deny the first two, but being aware of the mounting tensions, I actually HADN'T gotten loaded that evening. My injuries were finally examined by the male officers, but I was hastily dismissed. Apparently in this town, bruises across my body, finger marks marring my wrist, and ligature marks on my neck were evidence of a moral failing on my part, not abuse on his.

The police then relayed my assertion that the attack was prompted by him quickly drinking almost a full bottle of whiskey. Waves of trepidation coursed through my body as I noted his calm demeanor. When they inquired about the bottle and he led us into the kitchen without flinching, all my fears were realized. Utilizing the time advantage he had over me, he had refilled it to make it appear as though only one drink had been consumed. So this was his plan: to fabricate a story, smear my reputation, and tamper with evidence. If I said he drank the whole bottle and that appeared to not be the case, the rest of it must be in my head as well.

To be continued...

Follow along in upcoming posts. If you would like to share your experiences, please message me in the contact section, or on social media.


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