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Part 4: Pissed off, labeled a liar, & roaming the streets. What happened?

By Ashley Huckabee

My gaze jumped between the strategically refilled whiskey bottle & the cops prejudiced enough to believe the obvious manipulation. I know it wasn’t in my best interest, but I completely lost it. My ex, let’s call him “Joe,” had a lengthy history of attempting to gaslight me & had now succeeded in manipulating the police. It was nauseating.

Snapping the way I did was a horrible decision because it was all the men needed to label me hysterical; each protestation to the contrary seeming to prove them right. I knew I was beat. The evidence had all either been corrupted or completely ignored. I was being slandered. And the authorities were buying every bit of it w/o question or common sense. To make matters worse, after leaving the house sober, I had become fully inebriated, ruining any credibility I might have otherwise had.

I could feel the walls closing in around me, my body compelling me to flee. I left enraged, & immediately went to buy more liquor. My intention was to return to my relatives’ home, but I was so intoxicated I became disoriented. Accepting I was lost, I began roaming the streets in search of a way to blow off steam.

I found a house party, met some new people, & laughed harder than I had in years–perfect time for a blackout. One minute I’m having a blast, the next I’m coming to in county lockup. Between the drinking & the trauma, it’s all incredibly foggy. The only memory I’ve recovered is a vague one of being slammed onto a cop car, presumably while resisting arrest.

I’ll never know what actually happened, but it seems I went looking for another party & instead found a high school graduation celebration🤦🏻‍♀️😂. Being charged with a PI for crashing a teenager’s party definitely wasn’t my finest moment. It’s also nowhere near the end of this story.

Check back to see what transpired after being released from custody.


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