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Part 5: Freedom, Misery, and Betrayal...What Happened?

By Ashley Huckabee

After waking up in the drunk tank and speaking with the judge, I was released from custody. I was sad and scared, but I had broken free of my situation. Despite my parents’ insistence that I go to their house, I was able to convince them to instead take me to “Sarah’s” house, where I had sought refuge the evening before.

In an effort to forget the night's events, I once again got completely obliterated. I remember being too drunk to work the computer, but also being so distraught that I HAD to have music. I recall making Sarah sing Adele over and over on a loop. While she sang, I sobbed. If she stopped, I threw a fit. Throughout my life, I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things, but essentially torturing this poor girl is certainly up there on the list.

This was the only place in the world I felt safely hidden, but given my luck, I had just two days before they moved. After much begging and pleading, I was able to persuade them to allow me to remain in the house until the end of their lease, buying me a few days to figure things out.

Once the boxes were loaded, they offered to drive me to a nearby shop for a few essentials. Grateful for the help, I quickly hopped in the car. As we were traveling, I realized that we had passed the corner market. I was initially under the impression that they were taking me to a different store, but it soon became clear that they were actually returning me to Joe’s residence.

Despite seeing my injuries and knowing the emotional turmoil I was in, they still somehow concluded that taking me back to this man was the best solution. On some level, I guess I understand though. I was in such shambles that they probably didn’t feel safe leaving me on my own. Plus, Joe could be quite charming, and had temporarily managed to fool most of my family.

Panicked, I tried to retreat down the block, but they were able to force me inside. Horror and betrayal flooded in as I realized that I was about to be held captive, and my family facilitated.

To be continued…


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