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Part 8: Liberation, Guardian Angels & Hollow. What happened?

As an unknown number of days passed, I became even more desperate. I have little recollection of the particulars, but somehow my brother’s wife, "Becky," was able to liberate me. It’s possible that Joe had left for a bit, or perhaps she brought my brother “Paul” along for intimidation; all I remember is the feeling of dread during the car ride. I was relieved to have been released, but at the same time, I felt completely broken.

I knew that the level of Joe’s obsession had become increasingly dangerous, and there was no way he would let me go so easily. It felt like, at best, this was a temporary reprieve, but that my fate was sealed. Fortunately, I had not one, but two siblings willing to defend me at any cost. While I hid out, my sister “Lynn” took matters into her own hands. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she had returned to Joe’s with a baseball bat and “convinced” him it would be in his best interest to leave me alone.

The specifics are hazy, but I believe that she probably saved my life. I’m told that by the time Lynn saw me at Paul’s house, I was covered in bruises from head to toe. My face and the front few inches of my neck were the only parts of my body that weren’t black and blue; I had knots across my cranium, and even the back of my neck and the bottoms of my feet were swollen and discolored.

Despite the fact that I was grateful to be free, I yearned to regain control of my life. My soul had been plunged into the depths of darkness, and I was being tormented on all fronts—emotionally, physically, and by an addiction that had spiraled out of control. A once vibrant woman, I had been reduced to a hollow shell.

To be continued...

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