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Part 6: Enraged, Held Hostage and in Agony. What Happened?

By Ashley Huckabee

After being thrust into the house against my will, I began to completely unravel. If I thought I was a nervous wreck before, this took things to a whole new level. It wasn’t the first time I had been held hostage; Joe wasn’t even the first man to attempt it, but this time the danger level far exceeded anything I had previously known.

I have little remembrance of this period of time, and despite trying desperately, I can’t even recall how many days or weeks I was held. I do have some memories, but most are extremely fuzzy. Unfortunately, part of what I remember is brutally vivid. For me, I think the most agonizing aspect of being back in the house was the presence of the children. I knew that no matter how afraid or enraged I was, I had to put them first and try to protect them at all costs.

In an attempt to keep things hidden from the kids, I was mostly confined to the rear bedroom. I was, however, permitted to have limited interaction with them while under supervision. Those moments were undoubtedly the most excruciating part of the whole ordeal. While we played games, I pushed myself to smile through the tears, trying desperately to keep the intense emotional and physical pain from overtaking me. I tried to find the words to express the feeling, but that particular mix of revulsion and despair is one I think you have to experience to truly appreciate.

To be continued…

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