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Topic of the Week: Constant and Never-ending Improvement

By Ashley Huckabee

“The key to CANI is to consistently take actions to make small improvements. On one side of the spectrum, this prevents you from trying to take on too much at once—on the other end of the spectrum, it prevents you from stagnating. Over time, these incremental improvements compound to produce incredible results.

Your ultimate success depends on your long-term commitment to CANI—in your personal life, finances, health, relationships, work, and spirituality.

To reinforce your commitment to Tony Robbins’ CANI theory, ask yourself these three questions each night:

1. What did you learn today? Learning is essential to personal growth and improvement. Once you establish a habit of reviewing what you’ve learned, you’ll start actively looking for learning opportunities.

2. What did you enjoy? Consistently improving yourself will continually increase your enjoyment of life.

3. How did you make a contribution or improvement? Contributing to the well-being of others not only improves their lives but also makes you a better person. Acknowledge your achievement when you give back to others or make improvements in your own life.

Tony Robbins’ CANI theory can help you reframe what improvement means to you. Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, commit to constant and never-ending improvement for long-term results.”

–Excerpt from the Shortform book guide to Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

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