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Triumph over shame.

By Ashley Huckabee

I grew up in a family that aggressively avoided uncomfortable situations, opting instead to bury painful truths. Consequently, I learned from an early age anything not inherently good was a dirty secret & not to be shared. Seeing a therapist was also discouraged & seemed to be viewed as a type of betrayal; in our family we didn’t “air our dirty laundry.” Back then keeping up appearances held much greater importance than mental health. I was never taught how to face my problems, so instead of thriving, I made a home for myself in misery & shame. It was the only thing I had ever known, & it felt much more natural than bearing my soul.

My internal turmoil was running rampant, but it was my alcoholism that drove me to the point of desperation. The despondency I felt was so great I was finally compelled to speak openly. When I discovered the power that came from sharing my distressing thoughts, my life was radically transformed. It’s true what they say, “Our secrets keep us sick.” After systematically releasing my burdens, I felt lighter & more hopeful than I had in a very long time.

The life-changing benefits that come from simply being honest w/one another can’t be overstated. When we’re able to speak our darkest shame aloud & be met w/gentleness & understanding, the impact is profound. We often don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable because we fear judgment from others. We have the misguided notion that the things we have done or that‘ve happened to us are significantly worse than those of other people. Fortunately, in my experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth; even my most heinous confessions were met w/such compassion & empathy that my self-criticism began to fade.

Let today be the day you free yourself from your shackles. Got Grit Coaching – Free consultations available.

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